“The Holy Spirit will come down upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you…”
The Gospel according to St Luc

The Annunciation is the moment when Angel Gabriel delivers the message from God to the Virgin Mary and also signifies a painting that represents the eternal Mystery. It is the message and its image.

The Joliette Prison is the only federal penitentiary for women who served sentences of over two years in Quebec. Some of those buildings look like real apartments where mothers can live with their children, either part-time or full-time. Located in the shadows of the Bordeaux prison, Tanguay House is a detention centre for prisoners sentenced for up to two years less a day. Within its perimeters is a mobile home where detainees with good behaviour can receive their children for a weekend.

A bald eagle on the lookout. U.S. emblem, this bird of prey is considered by many North Americans as a messenger of God. This classic portrait follows the code of amateur wildlife photography that wants to disregard the elements which could give us a clue on its captivity.

Fixed and dazzled by the flash light, the she-wolf runs in circles in the cage. The Latin etymology of louve (French for she-wolf) is lupa that designated a prostitute. Female of an animal that we tried to eradicate, in vain.

L'Annonciation, 2008
Chromogenic print, 131,5 cm x 90 cm

Gabriel, 2008
Chromogenic print, 87 cm x 90 cm

Maison Tangay
Maison Tangay, 2008
Chromogenic print, 89 cm x 90 cm

Prison de Joliette
Prison de Joliette, 2008
Chromogenic print, 89 cm x 90 cm