Le polygraphe

A 68-year old woman submits to a polygraph test. For this video, the (non-professional) actress and her examiner, John Galianos (he, a professional polygrapher) enter the exercise naturally. Questions are asked three times in a different order each time, as per standard procedure. Only the control questions are preserved, the banal questions serving to establish a benchmark for the suspect’s physical reactions and providing a barometer for picking out the lies. In order to do this, the suspect is asked to lie to the examiner. A dance as absurd as it is oppressive, the desire to tell the truth seems as irrepressible as that to please authority.

The Polygraph, 2011, video installation with sound, 13 minutes 25 sec.

Juste une image text by Nicole Gingras

Le polygraphe
Le polygraphe, 2011
Still extracted from the video installation